The Deluxe Romance Box

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Spoil your someone someone !

Option 1 : Forever roses in red. Red candle - Red rose & honeycomb . Red heart candle - Vanilla & bergamot. 

Option 2 : Forever roses in red. Red candle - Lemongrass. Red heart candle - Orange blossom & honey. 

Option 3 : Forever roses in red. Red candle - Country linen. Red heart candle - Daphne flower. 

Rose care : 

Keep your preserved roses indoors away from direct sunlight. Avoid contact with water. Don’t forget that preserved roses are still natural flowers and some of the considerations you apply when taking care of fresh flowers apply. If someone crushes or presses or folds the petals of a preserved rose, it will lose its beauty and even may break, as it would happen with the petals of any fresh flower.

Preserved roses can last from 1 year and inevitably will retain some dust. The best way to clean an arrangement of preserved roses is to use a dry, cool air stream every month.

*Your roses will arrive in a black or pink heart shaped box.

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