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 Forever roses are REAL preserved flowers. They retain the character of the flower and their beautiful colour. They can be kept for more than 1 year by following our care instructions.

When the rose blooms the flowers are picked, decolorized and preserved for a few days,then the best quality roses are selected for re coloring during production.The rose color, shape and fresh cut flowers are almost the same as the original.Preserved fresh flowers are fresh cut flowers, after dehydration,decoloring and drying, dyeing and a series of complex processes .

Preserved roses are natural real roses that are carefully preserved using a special proprietary and non-toxic vegan process to preserve the quality and integrity of each petal which are then dyed with rich vibrant colors to keep its natural beauty. The preservation of each rose allows them to keep their look and feel natural for one year or more under proper conditions.

Care - 

Keep your preserved roses indoors away from direct sunlight. Avoid contact with water. Don’t forget that preserved roses are still natural flowers and some of the considerations you apply when taking care of fresh flowers apply. If someone crushes or presses or folds the petals of a preserved rose, it will lose its beauty and even may break, as it would happen with the petals of any fresh flower.

Preserved roses can last from 1 year and inevitably will retain some dust. The best way to clean an arrangement of preserved roses is to use a dry, cool air stream every month.

*Your roses will arrive in a black or pink heart box.