Luxe camellia diffuser flower

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Add a gorgeous luxury diffuser flower to your diffuser .

Diffuser not included. 

Give your diffuser a new lease of life with these Inspired Blooms .Beautifully crafted by hand from plants grown in the rice fields.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a flower could last forever? Well,this flower does! Made out of special biodegradable materials, these Reed Diffuser Flowers are an everlasting flower that works like a reed diffuser.

No hassle, No mess, No fuss.

Approximately 8cm wide.

The raw material is grown in rice fields. When removing the bark of the tree a glossy white stalk appears. It is cut into thin slice by the skill-full hands of an artisan. These slices are dried and they become the petals of these flowers which are made one by one.


1 Free with every diffuser purchased.

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