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Big ears animal sanctuary candle.


Running a sanctuary takes more than pats, cuddles and kisses. It also takes a lot of money. Big ears is a not for profit registered charity who rely on the goodwill of those who care about animals. Every day expenses include feed, shelters, medication, cleaning, veterinary assistance, and fencing. These costs add up and any donation, no matter how big or small, will help the animals. We are a No Kill Sanctuary which means that animals that are not suitable to be re-homed, or have special needs stay here for the remainder of their lives.

Big Ears is unique in that there are no paid staff – all money raised goes directly to the care of these animals. 

100% PROFIT from these candles goes direct to Big ears animal sanctuary. 

The sanctuary is on a 25 acre property located 15 minutes from Launceston, Tasmania. The sanctuary provides a safe haven for many different species of animals. Some have been rescued, such as the battery hens and others needed new homes for various reasons, including neglect, mistreatment or abandonment.

All animals live in harmony with each other and with us, their human guardians.

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180g candle 

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